In Like a Dandy Lion

First Dandelion of the Season
First Dandelion of the Season

We saw the first dandelion of the season today, it felt like another sign of the changing times. The wildlife pond had frog eggs in it last week, which were tadpoles this week, and there were toad eggs this week. We saw our first bat of the season, and even though we couldn't see what she was eating, she was eating something up there. She kept diving down abruptly in mid-flight, which seems like it would be nerve-wracking but she was clearly braver than me.

Yesterday there was a cherry blossom, and today there were more daffydowndillys in bloom, though none of the fancy ones yet. Daffydowndilly is what they're called in The Secret Garden but when we're selling them to customers, they're "heirloom narcissus" because it sounds fancy.

Oh, and finally, all the fancy hellebores bloomed of a sudden, behold them in their glory:

We'll start delivering bouquets soon, but right now they're just for us. Oh, and the bowl of hellebores from last week are still going strong, which feels like a minor miracle. I'm definitely doing that again!