Spring Will Sprung

Spring Will Sprung
First Hellbore of the Season

The first hellebore bloomed today. None of the crocuses are up yet, the snowdrops haven’t opened, and the daffodils are barely out of the ground at all, but this beauty showed her face, and I love her beyond reason.

Later in the season, the hellebores will grow more stems, longer stems, larger blooms, showier colors, and a wider variety of forms. But right now this little beauty captured my heart simply for the fact of having a perfect, pink blossom gracing the Edge Garden.

Whenever the first flowers bloom in February, I know spring is nigh, and I start making a slightly more serious list.

Daytime temperatures will now stray, and sometimes stay, above freezing. It’s time for me to scurry around and get everything pruned before it starts pouring on growth. This weekend, I’ll:

  • Finish pruning the apples
  • Start pruning the roses
  • Cut 20 forsythia branches for indoor forcing
  • Start one tray of statice
  • Start one tray of snapdragons

Seed heads left for the birds will be cut down soon, but that’s a job I like to put off as long as I can, definitely after everything is pruned.